Josh (joshdahl) wrote in bendisfans,

Marketing MONOLITH

(shamelessly cross-posted self promotion)

The artists I work with, Micah Faulkner and Jason Krause, are at Wizard World Chicago right now. They are busting their knuckles open doing sketches and shaking hands to get word out there about our comic book.
Because i couldn't be there with them, I figured I'd do my own soft-sell push on the internet.

My name is Josh Dahl. I am writing a comic Book called Rapid City. It is illustrated by Jason Krause and Micah Faulkner.

Rapid City is a semi-autobiographical super-hero story about the music scene in Kalamazoo, MI.

If you are interested is seeing or knowing more, please pursue the following resources.

Our official web site:

Our web site:

Our discussion forum:

My column about comics at Stumblebum Studios:

My personal Livejournal:

and, my personal AIM:

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I met Micah and Jason today. I bought one of your previews and got a sketch, looks like good stuff so far.
That's great!
What did you get sketched?

And, if you have a scanned or a digital camera, would you mind posting it in our forum?