Erik, the BFG (erikred) wrote in bendisfans,
Erik, the BFG

Powers #15

I ain't sayin', I'm just sayin': godDAMN, our man Bendis can write a story.

So, let me see if I've got this straight:
--Deena's under investigation for capping Johnny Royale (and no great loss there), though she SHOULD be under investigation for killing her boyfriend with her nifty new Powers, and
--Walker's about to get Powered up by an alien artifact. I mean, sure, who really believes that Zora and the 2nd-to-the-last Retro Girl are really standing there to help him enter the portal of destiny or what have you? Not me, anyway-- it's aliens mucking about with his head.

Ah, hell, I hope he just keeps us guessing. This is gold.
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Well, clearly Christian is about to become the new Green Lantern Millennium.

And I think Deena is also under suspicion over her boyfriend. They've been keeping an eye on her since Johnny Royale, but I'd guess that IA would be less bothered about him if it were an isolated incident (given that his death saved the force a whoooole loada trouble). However, if it begins to look like she's killed again (although I still don't believe she killed Royale), then you can see why they'd need to start leaning on her a bit, because she could become a loose cannon.
I can see your point. I also think the IA witch has a beef.
Dude-- what's up with Zora being alive?
Bendis pulled a retcon at the end of Forever, and now SG-3 and Zora are backnever died.

Which is weird and such, but, hey, why not.
wait... I don't remember that...